Coaching vs Instruction

If you are a fan of telling people what to do, you might not realise the power of coaching – that is ASKING them what they should do. 

I just watched a great video from John Whitmore about the difference between coaching and instruction – or asking vs telling.  It really brings to life how a person who is being coached really takes ownership of their learning, and is more engaged in their development.  Take a look and see what you can learn from it….you might be surprised.

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What do you learn from that golfing example that you could apply in the workplace?

As Peter Hawkins summarises so well in his book Creating a Coaching Culture: “The dominant leadership style of the mid-twentieth century of command and control is no longer fit for purpose.  Such a leadership culture is over-reliant on a few leaders at the top of the organization, who can never see the complexities of the whole system.  It also fails to utilize the intelligence and collective knowledge that reside in other parts of the system.  With changing social values, command and control leaders can no longer expect a deferential workforce”.

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3 thoughts on “Coaching vs Instruction

  1. I love this video! I just returned from a conference where Sir John was certifying some new coaches and a whole bunch of leaders committed to building values-driven businesses and promoting conscious capitalism were sharing best practices. I was honored to share some of the Accenture Business Services journey of performance coaching and it inspired many in the audience. If Accenture continues to embrace a coaching culture, you will be an unstoppable force for good on the planet, as well as a best place to work!

    • Thanks Tom, that is really affirming. Makes me puff up a bit with pride that we are doing something meaningful and worthwhile. It feels like a long journey, with many bumps along the way, but we do seem to be getting there, don’t we? Tom, I hope we meet some day at a conference!

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