Triple the Wisdom

While you take a breather to let us all know how Two-Day went for you, here’s a guest post from Patrick Ryan that gives us more food-for-thought about what to bring to our conversations:

Patrick writes:

“Imagine how your life at work would be different if you could expand your ability to apply your own wisdom and help others do the same. The first step is learning to read more of the wisdom already available to you.

Each of us receives information in three primary ways, and each of these access points acts as a sort of filter we use to gather and understand information.

The most powerful people in business, the most effective leaders and creators use all three of these points of information to come to the most informed decisions and to lead from a place of their full power and capability.

These three are the intelligences of mind, heart and body. The mind perceives and interprets what is happening and specializes in ideas, concepts, priorities and strategies. The realm of the heart intelligence is where we intuit. The emotions, intuitions and our sense of interconnectedness comprise the information that enters via this filter. The bodysenses, and body intelligence includes all that we receive via our senses and our physical environment.

We weigh the information coming in from these three places and determine what is happening within and also with those around us. To activate this wisdom that may be present just beyond your current awareness, here are a few questions to sharpen your attention in any given situation.

What is the story of how and why this is happening?

What is most important here?

What emotional energy is present?

What is the level of interconnectedness and quality of the relationships?

What is your physical experience in this situation?

What sensations do you notice in your body?

Once you have gathered this information, you are better positioned to ask, answer and act upon what is needed.

Each of us has a default style – or a leaning toward one of these ways of processing and making decisions – sometimes to the complete denial of the information that is coming in from the other sources. So, as leaders, managers and coaches working with others to realize their fullest potential, it is important for us to learn to use and balance these three intelligences to access our own wisdom.

Practicing and choosing to consult each of the access points of mind, heart and body will strengthen your ability to bring wisdom and insight to the projects, teams and creative challenges your experience.”

Patrick J. Ryan is the founder of and is an Awakened Enterprise™ coach. He is the author of Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance and works around the globe with emerging leaders, communities and individuals interested in learning how to live and lead in an awakened way. He can be contacted at

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