Two-Day Countdown: Be More Demanding

clip_image001On Monday, I wrote about  how supervisors and career counsellors could encourage individuals to tell them what the supervisor/CC needed to do to earn the right to coach the individual.  A kind of “contracting” conversation if you like.

Now let’s think about it from an individual’s perspective. 

I often hear individuals let their supervisors and career counsellors off the hook.  By that I mean that people give their supervisor or career counsellor a get our clause for not having the difficult conversations that need to be had.

For example, I often hear people say…”but my supervisor is so busy; I don’t feel that I can ask for time to talk about me”, as if it’s somehow selfish to take the supervisor’s time to talk about the individual’s needs and motivations.

IT IS NOT SELFISH.  If you were more motivated, if you were doing more meaningful, challenging work, if you were declaring your needs, then your supervisor would get higher performance from you.  That is not a selfish ideal – it’s something that helps both you AND your supervisor AND the business.

I’ve also heard someone recently say that even after asking her career counsellor to do things differently, she wasn’t getting what she needed from him….and yet she felt bad asking to swap career counsellors in case it hurt his feelings.  Was it the “done thing” to ask for a new career counsellor, she asked me.

I say to hell with the “done thing” – do what is right for YOU. 

Don’t become a victim to other people’s ineffectiveness.

It is your supervisor’s JOB to manage you and your performance.  So the fact that they have lots of other things on is neither here nor there – they need to be making time for you as a priority. 

It is your career counsellor’s JOB to help you with your career.  And if you are not getting that help in a form that is useful to you, you need to (and it’s perfectly legitimate to) find someone new.

There was a brilliant advert here in the UK some years back, by Waitrose supermarket.  They told us all to “Be more demanding” of our supermarket. It’s a shame, but I can’t find it on YouTube to share it with you – it really made an impression on me!  Anyway, in that same vain, my counsel to you is to…..




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